Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Name This Post Contest Announced!

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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” wrote someone once. I hope that someone was well paid for that pithy little tidbit. It’s a keeper. It’s lasted. It’s part of the consciousness of millions and millions of media consumers. It’s what pops into our heads whenever we forget something we shouldn’t or find it impossible to come up with an answer for some rudimentary question. Like, say, what to name this post.

I don’t know. Do you? If you have an idea, any idea (doesn’t have to be brilliant), send it in. Our panel of judge will select the best idea and present the grand prize (probably a pint of beer) the next time the winner and our panel of judge run into each other. It can be arranged.

McMusical Calendar

Saturday, July 14
The Birddog Blues Band (with Mel Ford, Derek Hendrickson, Tom McCarty, Ken “Birddog” Olufs, and special guest Warren Beck) opens up a full day of Blues, Brews, and Food Carts on the street in downtown New Glarus (you can’t miss it) from noon to 1:30. Come for the music, stay for the food, and then stay even longer to sample the beaucoup beers from nearby New Glarus Brewing. Bring a designated driver.
Later (8 pm), in the spacious patio area behind Tofflers Bar & Grill (or indoors should weather threaten), just a block up the street, the same Birddog Blues Band (except with drummer Rick Becker stepping in while Derek steps out) holds forth.

Sunday, July 15
Faux Fawn opens up the day’s fete-tivities at Fete de Marquette at NOON. At Madison’s McPike Park (formerly Central Park) on the Moon Stage.

Thursday, July 19
Faux Fawn fills the patio at the High Noon Saloon with ethereal and surrealreal “chamber folk” sounds. 6 pm.

Saturday, July 21
Big Wes Turner’s Trio brings the Rhythm AND the Blues to The ClubTavern in Middleton, home of the famous Mooseburger! 9 until late pm.

If Big Wes himself were near here, he would say, "Get your heinie out to hear this band!"  In lieu, view "Note" below.

Thursday, August 2
Faux Fawn opens up an evening of (Kiki’s) Righteous Music at Madison’s McPike (formerly Central) Park at 5 pm. Followed by, John Langford’s Four Lost Souls at 6:30 and The Baseball Project at 8:30. (The Tony Barba Quartet plays in the tent at 6 pm.)

Friday, August 3
The Sparks Band, minor masters of 60s musical memorabilia, hold forth at The Hody Bar & Grill. 9 pm ‘til late

Saturday, August 4
Faux Fawn plays MOM (Appleton’s annual Mile of Music event): from noon to 1 at Fox River House; from 3:20 to 4:10 at the D2 Sports Pub Patio; and at Deja Vu Martini Lounge from 8:50 to 9:40 pm. Check out these performances and lots of other great music all over downtown Appleton, all free for the hearing.

Sunday, August 12
The Sparks Band plays on the patio (probably) at Vintage Brewing in Sauk City. Eat, drink, and wallow in 60s nostalgia. 3 to 5 pm (or so)

Saturday, August 18
Big Wes Turner’s Trio returns to Tyranena Brewing in legendary Lake Mills with Rockin’ Rhythm & Swingin’ Blues. On the expansive patio (weather permitting). Food cart on site. 6 to 9 pm.

Saturday, August 25
Big Wes Turner’s Trio returns to The Club Tavern in Middleton, AGAIN. Dancing recommended, especially if you need to burn off a Mooseburger! 9:30 until very late.

Check back for future McMusical news.

P.S. Big Wes Turner’s Newsletter has added an amazing new option: POSTCARDS! Whaaaaa? Yeah, you heard right. Most well-informed Turnerites receive their sporadic action updates via email, but now they can alternately (or additionally) get a scrap of cheap cardboard with information scribbled thereupon...
FOR FREE!!! Just ask us.

Note: The postcard version of the Newsletter is redeemable for a drink wherever Big Wes Turner’s Trio is playing. Sign up.

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