Monday, May 30, 2016

Date Up!

Or update! Take your pick. It’s semantics.
Take note. Big Wes Turner’s Trio plays The EssenHaus on the odd Thursdays of the month (somehow appropriate). Next Thursday (June 2), Big Wes guitarist extraordinaire Gary Hendrickson takes one last night off (his post-op knee needs it). Luckily, the amazing Billy Flynn is free to fill in. If you’re a dancer, come and enjoy the dance floor and that crazy Rick Becker beat. If you’re a guitar aficionado, check out Billy’s bottomless bag of licks.

Two days later (June 4), the Trio (with Gary Hendrickson, his limp, and his driver) will party on the patio at Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills. You can come for the band and stay for the beer, or vice versa. Either way, you can’t miss.

And about that updated calendar? Why do we bother to let you know that Big Wes Turner’s Trio is playing a private party at an undisclosed location in Madison, Wisconsin (on Wednesday, June 15), when you’re not invited? Isn’t that just unusual cruelty?

Maybe. But now you know that Big Wes Turner's Trio DOES PLAY private parties! Big or small, if you've got a party, give us a call.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Murphy's Law Applied

Shite! Sometimes it just can’t help hitting the fan.

Guitarist extraordinaire Gary Hendrickson is scheduled for a procedure on an ailing knee this month, which is why star of the Chicago Blues scene Billy Flynn is filling in for him at The Essen Haus on May 19. But while Gary’s knee waited patiently for medical attention, his shoulder got out of line. Doctor’s orders immediately had Gary’s arm in a sling. What can we do? Not a thing.

There’s a small handful of players who can jump into the Big Wes repertoire, and none were free to answer the call on such short notice. Ah well. As a result, The Essen Haus will most likely call on their stable of Polka stalwarts for authentic accompaniment to schnitzel slicing, kraut chomping, and boot imbibing. Big Wes would approve. German biers abound, and if you prefer, there’s a fine selection of Wisconsin brews steps away at The Come Back Inn.

Gary’s predicament threatened the Wednesday night FREE performance by The Maintainers at the OlinPark Pavilion but, luckily, Mel Ford, the main Maintainer guitar man, was able to juggle his schedule and make it for the downbeat at 6 pm. Attendance by all is recommended.