Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Weekend of Merriment!

Outer space is a quiet place.
At least that’s what many people say.

Luckily, Big Wes Turner’s Trio is back on Earth.
Back-to-back shows the first weekend of May.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Back From Beyond

For those of you who have been wracked with worry over the whereabouts of Big Wes Turner's Trio (and we know you're out there, ARE out there, right?), we present this preview of the soon-to-be-made-public recounting of the super-secret mission from which the Interstellar Turner Team have only recently returned.

Details to follow! (props to Frank Frazetta)

Meanwhile, get up close and perspirational with Rick, Tom, and special Guitar-God guest artiste Billy Flynn on Friday, May 5, at The Knuckle Down Saloon on Madison's fashionable southeast side (downbeat and dancing begin at 8 pm!) or on Saturday May 6, at Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills where the beer is the best (Tasting Room opens at noon, music starts at 7 pm).