Sunday, July 28, 2019

Where and Now

Now what? 

Summer time is busy time. Everybody's in a hurry to get somewhere so they can relax. But haste can not only make waste, sometimes it delivers downright dangerous results. So chill.

Big Wes Turner says, "Slow down. You'll get farther." And he ought to know. World traveler Wes is never too busy to pull over and listen to live music, especially if it's something he's never heard before.

That said, if you've already heard any of the bands listed below, don't let that stop you from attending. It's live and always never exactly the same twice. Hmmm. Always never? Got to think about that.

McMusical Calendar
Friday, August 2
The Birddog Blues Band at The Knuckle Down Saloon.
8 to Midnight

Friday, August 16
The Sparks Band plays 60s songs at The Hody Bar & Grill in Middleton.
9 pm to 1 am

Saturday, August 17
The Birddog Blues Band at Tofflers Bar & Grill in New Glarus.
8 to Midnight

Thursday, August 22
The Cashbox Kings bring Chicago blues to Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills.
6 to 9 pm

Friday, August 23
The Sparks Band keeps 60s sounds alive at Chief’s Bar & Grill on
Cottage Grove Road (right across from Buck’s Pizza--they deliver).
6:30 to 10 pm

Saturday, August 31
The Birddog Blues Band at Tofflers Bar & Grillin New Glarus.
8 to Midnight

Friday, September 13
Big Wes Turner’s Trio keeps the legacy of their namesake alive
at The Bulquarian Brewhouse in Monroe.
6 to 9 pm

Thursday, September 26
The Sparks Band rocks out 60s style at The Vintage Brewery in Sauk City.
7 to 9 pm

Friday, September 27
The Sparks Band keeps on rocking at The Atwood (on Atwood Avenue, formerly Mr. Roberts). 8 to 11 pm

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Choice Words

Which words? See Note* below.

Heading into the thick of a steamy summer, gigging indoors with the aid of conditioned air, and outdoors without, Mr. McMusic and his assorted associates stay hydrated and come out swinging (and rocking). See the McMusical Calendar below to find out when and where.

This from the hindsight file: Big Wes Turner’s Trio was tickled to entertain into the wee hours of the afternoon at Minhas Distillery in Monroe. Though it happened way last month, it seems like yesterday in a way. Lovely spot, lovely day, lovely people. More of that, please!

*Note: In our previous post we noted the absence of such commentary as is commonplace here, thus rendering the post somewhat abnormal. Turns out that the word "abnormal," or “Not Normal” as we headlined with blithe insouciance, is a trigger for internet perverts (you know who you are Ukraine), and now we know to choose our words with care. Yeesh.

The McMusical Calendar

Saturday, July 6
The Sparks Band plays Prairie (du Chien)! The ongoing homage to 60s sounds stretches from 2 to 4 pm on the street next to world famous Pete’s Hamburger Stand, and then from 8 to midnight at The Blackhawk.

Saturday, July 13
The Sparks Band plays Lulu’s 13 Pub (at East Towne Mall). Sounds of the 60s will waft over the patio and parking lot whilst weather permits (otherwise, inside). 6 to 9pm. 

Wednesday, July 17
The Cashbox Kings play Wonderful Wednesdays in Milwaukee’s lovely Lake Park. Joyful blues noise begins at 6:30 pm.

Friday, July 19
Big Wes Turner’s Trio brings the Big Wes brand of Rockin’ RHYTHM & Swingin’ BLUES to the Bulquarian Brewhaus.  Swingin’ starts at 6 pm. 

Friday, July 26
Faux Fawn plays Reedsburg, Wisc. Details coming. THIS ENGAGEMENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

Saturday, July 27
The Birddog Blues Band participates in the inaugural Fitch-Rona Blues and Booze Festival at Yahara Bay Distillers in Verona, sponsored by The Madison Blues Society. Music from 11 to 8. Check link for full line-up.

Wednesday, July 31
Big Wes Turner’s Trio brings the Big Wes brand of Rockin’ RHYTHM & Swingin’ BLUES to Me&Julio (in Fitchburg, out dere on Fish Hatchery Road). 6 to 9 pm.

Check back for August events.

NoteBig Wes Turner’s Newsletter has an amazing new option: POSTCARDS! Whaaaaa? Yeah, you heard right. Most well-informed Turnerites receive their sporadic action updates via email, but now they can alternately (or additionally) get a scrap of cheap cardboard with information scribbled thereupon... FOR FREE!!! Just ask.

'Nother Note
: BWTN postcards are redeemable for a drink wherever Big Wes Turner’s Trio is found.