Friday, July 17, 2020

Word One

Wait! It's been a whole month since we said word one about the whereabouts or goings-on related to things McMusical? Sorry to keep you waiting (especially you, Ukraine), but goings or doings have been scarce. Like most sane folk, Mr. McMusic and colleagues have been keeping their physical distance and donning masks on those occasions when stepping outside their respective bubbles is called for.

The Madison area is awash in striving musical artists. Normally, only the cream of the crop could be expected to eke out an existence in their chosen field, but without liquor sales to undergird musical incomes, well... not only the players but the bars and other venues that hosted them are experiencing existential whiplash. Online performances may be arguably better than nothing, but I find even the best of them ultimately unsatisfying (especially if it requires Facebook).

Face it. Outdoor performances are where it's at. Like this evening's (July 17) from 6 to 9 pm at Tyranena Brewing featuring The Birddog Blues Band (BBB) featuring Mel Ford (MF) on guitar. With spacious grounds, plenty of pod-placement spots to go around, Tyranena offers one of the currently rare opportunities available to relax and enjoy some live music whilst safely sipping a delicious Wisconsin-brewed beverage. Bring a mask. Wear it (except when sipping).

McMusical Calendar

Until further notice, Bupkis. 
But things CAN change, so DO check back. And, if you would like to host a driveway, or drive-by, or exclusive patio party event featuring BIG WES Turner's Trio, leave a message.