Saturday, September 2, 2017

Road Markers

Whoa! We are mere hours from being on our way to Tyranena Brewing Company in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, where Billy Flynn will be joining in with Big Wes Turner’s Trio for what may be the last show of the season on Tyranena’s expanded outdoor area. Labor ye not this weekend. Come out to the early show (6 to 9 pm). Food cart on site and, needless to say, the best beers in Wisconsin. Best bring your growler.

And then?
A brief hiatus from the McMusical hubbub whilst I and the wife wander midst the moors, perhaps also perambulating between pubs, as it were. More on that later.

We shall return, though. In plenty of time to set up for showtime with The Cash BoxKings at The Crystal Corner Bar on Willy (Williamson) St. in Madtown (Madison, Wisconsin.) Recommended.

And then?
Check back here for more news about “Big Wes T’s Three” and the other outfits listed up there on the masthead. Meantime, keep cutting back on the carbon, Planeteers!

Peace. Harmony.