Monday, June 3, 2024

Tis the Season (for outdoor shows)

The "season" is upon us, the post-COVID extended summertime season for outdoor festivities and the music that accompanies them.

The McMuscial Calendar is dominated by BirdDogBlues events (see schedule below), but others of interest occur. I can name two right off the top of my hairy head:

Thursday, June 13
Faux Fawn (alt-neo-folk quintet performing the songs of Paul Otteson) kicks of McFarland's "Bands by the Boardwalk" series in McDaniel Park on the east shore of Lake Waubesa.

Sunday, July 21
Mel Ford & Fairlane apply guitar and upright bass to a blues-flavored variety pack of tunes (mostly mid-20th century) at Tofflers in New Glarus.
2:30 to 5 pm.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Out and About, Early and Often

Check out the revised BirdDogBlues schedule!

Hey, these guys are all MAMAS boys. Winners of the Madison Area Music Association 2023 awards, that is. 

A couple new dates since last posted, and lots of afternoon and evening shows. (Some outdoor shows may depend on fair weather. Keep watching the skies.)

Check back soon for other McMusical events.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Anti-Social Networking

Welcome! To this highly exclusive online backwater.

Some may have wondered whether we're still breathing over here. Well, as of this post, you can set that minor concern to one side.

Yes. Life does go on! (Despite the efforts of Exxon and all the other like-mindless, greed-driven, world-killing corporate demons.) But the consensus trajectory says that could change, given the amount of shit currently passing through the proverbial fan, and how much more is certain to hit it in the uncomfortably near future.

Social Media tycoons are right up there with the worst of the worst offenders in the but-what-about-my-bottom-line department, and yes, they deserve the business ends of whatever pitchforks and torches we can muster, but even the most mindful of us users and consumers are complicit to some degree. Talkin' 'bout you. Talkin' 'bout me.

Is it possible to live without social media? Of course it is, Silly. We've managed since we were monkeys.

Is it possible to make music and still save the future for our children? Taylor?

Whether or no, Mr. McMusic is going to take a few more shots at it this summer.

The McMusical Calendar

Saturday, May 11
The Gentlemen reunite for an evening of Beatles songs plus a smattering of other hits from the era. The ensemble is anchored by three original members of the band that reigned as Wisconsin's preeminent purveyor of Brit-invasion hits circa '66 to '70. Get your kicks on route Cottage Grove Road at Chief's Bar & Grill (right across from Buck's Pizza). 7 to 10


Friday, December 22, 2023

Urgent Statement of Impending Doings

Greetings, y'all!
Fall (see photo) has slipped into the past and the holiday season is now upon us. Daylight begins to lengthen. The calendar flips, and the question on all lips? When (not if) will the shite hit the fan?

Here's hoping not before January 19, 2024. Why?
See below.

The McMuscial Calendar

Friday, January 19
MAMA winners the BirdDogBlues band play Madison Wisconsin's premiere Blues venue, The Red Rooster. 8ish to 11ish. Don't miss this event, come heck or high snowfall. (This is winter and this is Wisconsin.)

Other hip happenings are lining up for the 2024 seasons, so check back often and frequently.

And don't forget to write.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Pre-Thanksgiving Bash!

Mark your calendar! And make it quick!

One week from tonight, Wednesday November 22 (Thanksgiving Eve), The Birddog Blues Band will be bluesing and/or boozing it up at Doundrin's Distillery in Cottage Grove from 6 to 9 pm.

This may be your last chance to come out and dance (or just drink--your call) to the BBB in 2023. The schedule will be light during the darkness of the winter months. Check back for updates to the McMusical Calendar.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

And Now for Something

Yes. It's been awhile.

Sometimes doing virtually nothing is a time-consuming task. But here we are, now, so...

The McMusical Calendar

Saturday, November 4
The Birddog Blues Band plays Blues (what else?) at The Fharmacy in Lake Mills from 7 to 10 pm.

Yup. That's all for now.

But wait! Surely there must be some other pearls of wisdom, some tidbits of titillation to offer you.

Okay. How about this?

Year's end approacheth. Soon, November. And then December. And then... Damn! Another year gone by. And, leastways around these parts, that revelation dawns in a cold, gray light. Winter in Wisconsin. Some love it. More don't.

I see it as an opportunity to read some books, be it with the intent to entertain (myself) or to tackle the big, eternal questions, or to wrestle with the current  sorry state of the world.

Take last year round about the turning of the calendar. I was on a quest. Music. This thing that I have bathed and showered in and raced after and swum in and floundered in for, how long? What is music? Why is it? How is it? How is it that I can play and sing some songs, tunes and ditties, but I can't answer the big mysterious musical questions with authoritative certainty?

So I turned to books (bless you, public library system). Three of 'em: 
This Is What It Sounds Like: What the Music You Like Says About You, by Susan Rogers; This Is Your Brain On Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, by Daniel J. Levitin; and How Music Works, by David Byrne.

Susan Rogers wants to explain why your favorite songs are your favorites. She got cred: before she became a very successful record producer, she was longtime sound engineer for Prince. And now she's a professor of cognitive neuroscience. She writes an easy read and offers good reasons to stop apologizing for your musical guilty pleasures, and to back off dissing music you don't like.

Daniel Levitin was a professional musician before he went all egghead PHD on us. He goes a lot deeper into the science of it all than Rogers, but even if some of his reference fly over your head, it's still a fascinating trip.

And, even if The Talking Heads aren't your cup of tea, David Byrne is a brilliant dude with a lot to say about music and his experiences listening to it, writing it, and performing it. Recommended.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Best Things

Sometimes it seems like everybody's trying to sell you something. It's not their job to remind you that the best things in life are free, but we can take it upon ourselves to do that right here.

Fresh air. Sunshine. Cool, clear water. We should all be able to enjoy these beautiful basics without having to ante up.

That said, there's plenty of goods and services out there worth the asking price. Use your purchasing power wisely, but don't deny yourself a slice of the finer things.

And what could be finer than music that moves you or makes you want to move. For examples of where to find such, see below.

The McMusical Calendar

Saturday, August 19
The Birddog Blues Band plays a private party somewhere. Why are we telling you if you're not invited? Because you, or someone you know, may be planning a party and now you know who to call for entertainment.

Saturday, August 26
The Birddog Blues Band plays another private party! Why are we telling you? See above.

Friday, September 1
Once again, The Birddog Blues Band returns to Edgerton and the Lake House Inn (1612 E. Hotel Drive). 6 to 9? or 7 to 10 pm?

Saturday, September 2
Faux Fawn opens up The Dig In!, a curated line-up of independent, original Wisconsin acts at the Eastside Club at 2 pm. Catch their set and stay for Redshift Headlights, The Present Age, Jane Hobson, and Free Dirt (featuring Robby Schiller). $10 admission. Rain or shine. (Did we mention the spacious lawn and panoramic views, Tiki Bar and food?)

Sunday, September 3
The Birddog Blues Band plays the back yard at Toffler's in New Glarus. Afternoon! 3 to 6 pm.

Monday (Labor Day), September 4
The Birddog Blues Band whoop up the holiday on the patio at Club La Mark, just off the intersection of Hwy 51 and East Washington Avenue. Afternoon.

Saturday, September 16
The Dave Potter Blues Band (supported by members of The Birddog Blues Band) plays highwire blues in Baraboo at the Ringling Mansion. (Check back for details.)

Friday, September 22
Birddog Blues Band be back at the Lake House Inn in Edgerton. 6 to 9 pm.

Saturday, September 30

Birddog Blues Band plays the Capitol Square in Madison midday. Check back for details.

Friday, October 6
The Birddog Blues Band returns to the Hop Garden backyard in picturesque Paoli. 5 to 8 pm.