Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Stuff Happens. Are You Checkin'?


Kudos! You’ve checked back. “Checking back in is good,” I said last time. And many times before. And now, here’s proof that my advice is good.

Because THIS Sunday, Mel Ford & The Fairlane will be plinking and plunking and crooning and warbling Blues music from 2:30 to 5 pm on the patio stage at Toffler’s in New Glarus (Wisconsin). (See Calendar below.) NOT a private performance! Totally open to the public!

See? If you hadn’t checked back, how would you know? Well, yes, you could have checked the Music Calendar at Isthmus.com (still the go-to source for arts and entertainment goings-on). Or you could have received BIG WES Turner's Newsletter via email, if you are on his mailing list. (If you’re not, why not? You are missing out on an infrequent and therefore mostly welcome and rewarding source of musical tidbits, heads-ups, and whatnots. Sign up already!)

The McMusical Calendar

Sunday, July 11

Mel Ford & the Fairlane (AKA Mel & Mc, AKA guitarist Mel Ford and bassist Tom McCarty) present classic Blues with swing and swagger, plus ballads and a Tin Pan Alley tune or two. Good food. Good music. Indoors if the weather turns nasty. 2:30 to 5:00 pm, Toffler’s in New Glarus.

Friday, August 6

The Birddog Blues Band, featuring guitarist Mel Ford and harmonica man Ken “Birddog” Olufs play The Capital Brewery from 6 to 10 pm. Hot young rhythm section Derek Hendrickson and Garrett Wartenweiler of The Family Business band hold down the grooves.

Wednesday, August 11

The Sparks Band revels in rockin’ hits from the 60s (mostly) for The Fest Haus at 106 Third Avenue in New Glarus. Early show, so don't be slow! 6:30 to 10 pm!

Friday, August 20

The Birddog Blues Band, (guitarist Mel Ford, harmonica man Ken “Birddog” Olufs, plus Derek Hendrickson on drums and Tom McCarty on bass) plays from 6 to 9 pm at Camp Beef Butter BBQ on Hwy M (where the White House restaurant once stood).

Saturday, August 21

Former members of Dr. Bop & The Headliners return to Madison for a concert in memory of recently departed members. The Sparks Band will anchor and accompany. Performances from Ena Anka, Al Kraven (The White Raven), Cleveland St. James, and many MORE!!! From 2 to 6pm at The High Noon Saloon. Open to the public.

Will other stuff happen? Could be. Probably will. Better check back. But why wait for stuff to happen when you could be making it happen? Plan your party and call on BIG WES Turner’s Trio or any of the bands mentioned above.