Friday, February 12, 2021


We might have mentioned the word “hibernation” in a previous post. Who knew then how deep and long the suspense of that inanimate state would endure.

Well, the snow is still deep and the thermometer is still reading single digits (some with a minus sign in front), yet signs of Spring are popping up. We’re not just talking about earlier sunrises and later sunsets; Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, has posted their schedule for a summer of entertainment for fans of fine brews. Check it out.

Portable heaters have kept the spacious Tyranena patio amenable to the hardiest of Wisconsin beer imbibers throughout the winter. Starting the last weekend of April, the same experience will require fewer layers of clothing and will be accompanied with LIVE MUSIC!!!

Tyranena’s expansive patio and grassy knoll area leaves plenty of room for keeping distance between people pods. You can bring your own food or sample tasty fare from the rotating cast of food cart vendors. Tasty Tyranena brews are served out of the patio-side service windows. Multiple porta-pottys allow discreet and distanced answers to the calls of nature. It’s as pandemic-safe a situation for enjoying an outdoor musical performance as we can imagine. Musicians perform under a permanent awning, so the shows go on except in the case of weather most foul.

Best of all, BIG WES Turner’s Trio will be there for a 6 to 9 pm performance on Saturday, May 8, along with our good friend, Grammy-winner and Chicago Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Billy Flynn playing guitar.

So stay safe. Put on your mask, wash your hands. See you there.

Note: If you’ve been looking for BIG WES Turner’s Trio on Facebook, stop it. Wes don’t go there no more. Why? Because Mark Zuckerberg pissed off the big fella one too many times.

S'okay. You can keep up with the world of Wes by checking back here, or by signing up for BIG WES Turner’s Newsletter. Just drop your email address in the bucket at any Big Wes Turner’s Trio gig.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Heads Poke Out

We are fine. But many fellow Wisconsinites are less fine, having contracted the virus, and some are very much less fine, having died of the virus. Condolences.

Meanwhile, Mr. McMusic's musical endeavors have necessarily turned to study and practice, two of the many things on the to-do list we've all been meaning to get around to. (Am I right? Of course I'm right.)

Who won? 
We think we know, but it's not official. Not at this time. Not yet.

What's going to happen? Don't know that either. Not when it comes to live music and the welcoming places where we were hearing it last year.

While we're waiting to find out, here's a snippet, produced by Chief's Tavern with images and sound featuring BIG WES Turner's Trio.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Using Our Outside Voices

As of right now, Wisconsin has NOT solved its COVID problem.

For real. Until Wisconsin gets its infection rate down, down, down, hanging out at our favorite night spots is a bad idea.

That’s bad news for those of us who love the vibe and camaraderie of our local watering holes. It’s bad news for us musicians who were playing there until about seven months ago. Those places and spaces where we sharpened our chops and earned a few bucks are irreplaceable. Online just ain’t the same.

Most bars and restaurants are hurting. A few have been better positioned than others to adjust to outdoor service. Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills, with a huge patio area facing a grassy natural amphitheater, is one of the few venues around that can accommodate a big crowd and still keep everyone safely distanced. (And the beers are superb.) Since restarting in late May, all performances have been outside and therefore subject to the whims of the weather, but most have managed to dodge the raindrops.

Because of the extreme circumstances, Tyranena has extended their season for outdoor music into October. Which leads us to the McMusical calendar.

The McMusical Calendar

Saturday, October 17, 4 to 7 pm
The expansive patio at Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills, Wisconsin is partially covered, enough so that a light autumnal drizzle is unlikely to deter BIG WES Turner’s Trio from capping off Tyranena’s outdoor music season with their signature Rockin’ RHYTHM & Swingin’ BLUES. Check the weather, then dress appropriately and come on down.

Tuesday, October 20, early voting starts
Things can change. They will change. But it’s up to us to make sure they change for the better. Let’s do that. Start by VOTING.
If you feel you can do it safely, Vote at your polling place on November 3, Election Day.
If you’re concerned about safety, Vote early (in-person absentee). Many polling places will open from Oct. 20 to Nov. 1 and are less likely to be crowded. Check with your local Clerk of Courts.
Vote by mail only if you're sure you can get your absentee ballot filled out, witnessed, and mailed in As Soon As Possible. Find answers to questions about registration, polling place hours and locations, etc. at

And, as long as the weather allows, consider hosting a driveway concert or exclusive patio party featuring BIG WES Turner’s Trio. Leave a message.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Word One

Wait! It's been a whole month since we said word one about the whereabouts or goings-on related to things McMusical? Sorry to keep you waiting (especially you, Ukraine), but goings or doings have been scarce. Like most sane folk, Mr. McMusic and colleagues have been keeping their physical distance and donning masks on those occasions when stepping outside their respective bubbles is called for.

The Madison area is awash in striving musical artists. Normally, only the cream of the crop could be expected to eke out an existence in their chosen field, but without liquor sales to undergird musical incomes, well... not only the players but the bars and other venues that hosted them are experiencing existential whiplash. Online performances may be arguably better than nothing, but I find even the best of them ultimately unsatisfying (especially if it requires Facebook).

Face it. Outdoor performances are where it's at. Like this evening's (July 17) from 6 to 9 pm at Tyranena Brewing featuring The Birddog Blues Band (BBB) featuring Mel Ford (MF) on guitar. With spacious grounds, plenty of pod-placement spots to go around, Tyranena offers one of the currently rare opportunities available to relax and enjoy some live music whilst safely sipping a delicious Wisconsin-brewed beverage. Bring a mask. Wear it (except when sipping).

McMusical Calendar

Until further notice, Bupkis. 
But things CAN change, so DO check back. And, if you would like to host a driveway, or drive-by, or exclusive patio party event featuring BIG WES Turner's Trio, leave a message.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Weather Watchers

The sun shines, a breeze stirs the leaves. It looks and feels like perfect weather for spreading out in the open air and relaxing to the sounds of live music while sipping a hearty Wisconsin brew.

But this is today. What about Saturday, June 20, when BIG WES Turner’s Trio is scheduled to perform at Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills? Our fine forecasting friends rate the chance of a scattered thunderstorm better than even. When will we know for sure? Probably sometime Saturday afternoon. This is just the way it is. The Trio will be ready for our 6 to 9 pm gig, and only a downpour will keep us quiet, so check with Tyranena on Saturday to be sure.

Tasty Tyranena beers are sold and served out of the patio-side service window. Dr. Anthony Fauci would approve of Tyranena’s expansive patio and grassy knoll area--plenty of room for physical distancing. Bring your own food or sample tasty fare at the Cafe Costa Rica food cart. (Muy bien!)

If the rains DO come, fear not. Plan for the next big event at TyranenaFriday, July 17, with none other than The Birddog Blues Band (featuring Mel Ford on guitar) playing the patio. Same hours: 6 to 9 pm. Same great beers. Different food cart: Doyle’s Dogs (authentic Chicago-style hot dogs and sandwiches). Same disclaimer: (Shine? Yes. Rain? No.)

And, as long as we can keep winning the weather lottery, consider visiting Vintage Brewing in Sauk City on Thursday, July 23. The Sparks Band revives 60s hits and wonders on Vintage’s spacious deck overlooking the Wisconsin River from 7 to 9 pm.

Note: Looking for BIG WES Turner’s Trio on Facebook? Save your clicks. Big Wes has ceased to humor Mark Zuckerberg. Q: How many billionaires does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None. They’re too busy screwing you to be bothered.

Keep on keeping up with all things related to Big Wes Turner and his Trio by checking back here, or by signing up to recieve the newsletter. Just drop your email address in the bucket at any Big Wes Turner’s Trio gig. Better yet, invite the Trio to a drive-by performance in your driveway or backyard. It's easy; we're cheap.

Stay safe. Put a mask over your pie hole, then wash your hands. And repeat.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Play as Weather Permits

In a previous post we sadly announced that the BIG WES Turner’s Trio performance scheduled for May 15 at Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills was cancelled (due to COVID-19). We were disappointed because we love to make music, especially at Tyranena where the folks are fine and the brews are robust.

Well, now we can happily announce that Tyranena is (conditionally) reopened for beer consumption and music appreciation, and that BIG WES Turner’s Trio will be there from 6 to 9 pm on Saturday, June 20 (weather permitting).

Tasty Tyranena beers are sold and served out of the patio-side service window. CDC-approved recommendations for face-covering, hand hygiene, and physical distancing are strongly encouraged.

Lucky for all, Tyranena’s patio and grassy knoll area is expansive, and the staff is working hard to make it all work. And, food will be provided by the Cafe Costa Rica food cart. (Yummm!) So grab a table or bring a blanket for your quar-pod.

AND, while we’re at it, let’s mark calendars for the next big event at TyranenaFriday, July 17, with none other than The Birddog Blues Band (featuring Mel Ford on guitar) playing the patio. Same hours: 6 to 9 pm. Same great beers. Different food cart: Doyle’s Dogs (authentic Chicago-style hot dogs and sandwiches).

In other news, have you looked lately and failed to find BIG WES Turner’s Trio on Facebook? You can stop trying. Truth is, Big Wes and Mark Zuckerberg had a falling out. Let’s just say, "words were exchanged." Let’s just say, "it don’t matter how big a billionaire you are, you don’t mess with WES." Keep track of Turner tales here, or sign up for the newsletter, or scan the events listings in your local sources for entertainment news. They need your patronage and deserve your attention much moreso than the Zuckface.

Stay safe. Keep it hygienic. Check back.

Friday, May 29, 2020

The Monthly Manifesto

This little mote of dust in the universe of online publications serves as a herald for the "artistic" endeavors of Mr. McMusic. Chief among those endeavors for the past five-plus years has been BIG WES Turner's Trio, a modest effort to carry on the musical traditions of it eponymous mentor. Some of a certain age might call us a "bar band," and we would take that as a compliment. It has always been a hand-to-mouth kind of venture (the hand invariably holding a glass of beer) and any chance to promote the venture for little or no cost is hard to turn down. Thusly, damn near any band you can name has a Facebook page. It has become damn near a necessity; who can afford NOT to have a Facebook page?

Most of us can't afford the time it would take to go down a list of all the people we know and update each of them on how we are and what we are up to and in turn hear the same back from them. But so-called social media, Facebook in particular, makes doing that kinda possible, in a way, sort of. It enables quick contact with friends and acquaintances and it only costs some of your time. You give your time; Facebook sells your time.

That may seem like a fair exchange, but Mr. McMusic is suspicious. Because there's more to it than a simple this-for-that. Your time is the commodity that makes Facebook rich, so naturally it wants as much of it as can be gotten out of you, and its notorious algorithms have found that getting you pissed off is a great way to keep you logged on.

Well, Mr. McMusic doesn't need an algorithm to get pissed off. Which is why you will no longer find BIG WES Turner's Trio on Facebook. Even now, when it has become difficult and even dangerous to meet with others in person, when the digital space seems like the only safe space, even now, Evil is still Evil, and to the extent that we can avoid participating in or enabling Evil, we should. No more Devil's bargains, thank you.

But more updates on the return from COVID-19 quarantine of BIG WES Turner's Trio and other noteworthy items. Check back.

P.S. A shout out to all our fans in Ukraine! Don't be strangers. Leave a comment.