Friday, September 18, 2015

During The Deluge

Last night was a wet one in downtown Madtown. It came down hard and heavy and Madison’s problems with storm water drainage were once again made apparent. Indoors, the only mildly bedraggled “Big Wes T's Three” made merry for a select and appreciative group of imbibers at the Essen Haus.

As is not infrequently the case, a train of not inconsiderable length (I lost count, and I’ve never seen Trainspotting—is it good?) passed through the intersection of Blair/Doty/Willy/John Nolen, and whenever that happens we drop what we’re doing and play Folsom Prison Blues. It’s become a compulsion. Other than that it was an evening of mostly Blues and good old Rock and Roll. Kudos to Rick and Gary.

Sorry you missed it? Well, you’re in luck. October has five Thursdays and “Big Wes T's Trio” will be at the Essen Haus on the first, third, and fifth of them. By the 29th we will have worked our way up to all five verses and one bridge of Monster Mash. Now that's ART.

OR, if you’re in the vicinity of New Glarus this Saturday night, come see/hear Big Wes Turner’s Trio at Tofflers.

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