Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Becker Back, Flynn In!

Big Wes Turner's Trio, this Thursday! Back from the nasty world of occupational hazards, drummer and vocalist Rick Becker returns to the Essen Haus stage. (Thanks again to Rich Larson for filling in.)

Grammy winner, guitarist Billy Flynn will step in for regular but temporarily out-of-state picker Gary Hendrickson. Expect an extra heapin’ helpin’ of classic Blues and, yes, Surf music!
Up next:
Nov. 6, Faux Fawn (performing PaulOtteson’s sublime original songs) plays an undisclosed venue for online music purveyours SOFAR Milwaukee. (Walkers Point neighborhood)
Nov. 14, The Jim Liban/Joel Paterson Band at the Grand Opening of the WMRC studio (Williamson Magnetic RecordingCompany), Williamson St., Madison, WI.
Nov. 15, The Gary McAdams Band (Sunday after the Packer game) at Boundaries in Beloit, WI.
Nov. 19, Big Wes Turner’s Trio, back at The Essen Haus
(Isthmus always we start says 9, but we always start at 8:30).
Nov. 25, Birddog & Buddies (with Perry Weber) at Tofflers, New Glarus, WI.

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