Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Last Time?

No, the big Big Wes Turner’s Trio gig at The (Ye Olde) Essen Haus last Thursday was not the last. Nor will this coming Thursday’s (same place) be. But it will be your last chance (at least for the fortellable future) to hear the amazing Billy Flynn filling in for Gary Hendrickson (also amazing) .

If you were among last Thursday’s throng, you were a)surrounded by nuclear engineers (there was a convention in town, and them engineers drank them some beers), and were b)exposed to some delicious guitar rarities (Ghost Riders in the Sky, Flamingo, Theme From Mondo Cane, and more). Billy loves to indulge in the unexpected. Expect more when Billy joins us again this Thursday (April 7).

Then, the very next day, Gary Hendrickson returns! Joining us at the Rockdale Bar &Grill. It’s an early show—7 pm—come for the fish fry, stay for music and dancing.

What a treat to hear the enduring Clyde Stubblefield behind the drums at the High Noon Saloon on Monday night. The rock steady funk of the original Funky Drummer abides. This monthly early-bird gig raises money for a music scholarship fund in Clyde’s name. Recommended!

And what a treat to play with Mojo and the Flipside at The Wheelhouse in Waupaca on Wednesday nightgreat guitar playing from Jim Prideaux, stand-out keys and vocals from Joe Fittante. The gig was hosted by consummate drummer Tony Wagner. Featured special guest Steve Cooper of WiFEE and theHUZzband tore it up on sax and vocals.

Coming Up!
Thursday, April 7, Big Wes Turner’s Trio (with Billy Flynn) at The Essen Haus. 8:30
Friday, April 8, Big Wes Turner’s Trio at The Rockdale Bar & Grill. 7 pm
Thursday, April 21, Big Wes Turner’s Trio at The Essen Haus. 8:30
Wednesday, May 4, The Maintainers at Olin Park Pavilion
Thursday, May 5, Big Wes Turner’s Trio at The Essen Haus. 8:30

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