Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Q: When? A: Now! Q: Where? A: Here!

Okay, “when” is actually “soon,” but soon will soon be “now” (a mere forty-eight hours and change), specifically, this Friday, October 27. And if you don’t get your tickets in advance, there’ll be that much less in your pocket to pay for the potables that made Milwaukee famous.

The “what” we’re talkin’ about is Big Wes bassist Tom getting all bluesy with Chicago’s own Cash Box Kings as they raise the roof at Milwaukee’s storied Shank Hall (that's the where that becomes here when you get there).

And not too far further into the future the aforementioned Tom teams up with drummer Tony Wagner to give the rhythm section direction for blues guitar great Alex Wilson (of the Alex Wilson Band) and saxophone dynamo Stephen Cooper (of WiFEE and the HUZz BAND).

It’s the start of a new season of Wednesday with Wags, and the music starts at 8pm on November 8, at The Wheelhouse in Waupaca, WI.



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