Friday, March 16, 2018

Tune In With Turner

(Note: Scroll down to “Happenins” for McMusical news notes.)

Reading this? Then you’re in touch with Big Wes Turner’s Trio.
Big Wes himself is not so easy to click on, call up, or pin down. You won’t find him on “social media.” The man doesn’t own a computer. Never has. And cell phones? “Ain’t those just itty bitty computers?” He’s never owned one of those, either.

If you want to connect with Big Wes you just have to keep your eyes (and ears) open. If you’re in a crowd and you sense a big presence, if you spot a certain kind of “man of substance,” you know, a big fella, height-wise and girth-wise, dressed clean but not fancy, who seems to be taking his sweet time but somehow moves in and out of the moment with surprising speed (Wait! Where’d he go?), someone who is obviously in-step with the rhythm section of the universe, who looks like he could be humming himself a tune, who looks like he knows exactly where he’s going and like he’s already there, well...
might be Big Wes.

Although he has been known to eagerly share photos of friends and family, the Big Man is one of those folks who seem to have talent for evading cameras. Evidence of his presence remains rare, but at ease or in action, Big Wes gets around. He’s traveled the world, and for all the miles he’s logged up and down the backroads of the Midwest, he could easily have circumnavigated the big ball a few more times. A lot of people have seen him here or there, and a lot more say they’ve seen him, but seen or unseen, when you hear some sweet pickin’ on a guitar that sounds like it’s been down the road for more miles than most can imagine, well... rest assured that you’re on the same wavelength as Big Wes. Set your worries aside and hum along.

And herewith, the aforementioned Happenins:

Friday, March 30
Big Wes Turner’s Trio shakes off the last remnants of hibernation and roars back onstage at Middleton’s Club Tavern (Ribs, brisket, and pulled pork, oh my! Not to mention... “Moose Balls!”
Also, Friday Fish Fry!) 9pm to 1am

Friday, April 13
Lucky you! (Get it?) Big Wes Turner’s Trio is back and boppin’ the Blues, appropriately at The Blu Room at Breezer’s Pub in Dubuque, Iowa.
8 to midnight

Monday, April 16
Faux Fawn folks it up in support of headliner Kiernan Mcmullin, and local hero Brandon Beebe at the High Noon Saloon. 8 pm start

Wednesday, April 25
The Sparks Band indulges in 60s nostalgia at Me&Julio down dere on Fish Hatchery Road in Fitchburg. 6 to 9 pm

Saturday, April 28
Big Wes Turner’s Trio plays blues and samples brews (“Best in Wisconsin,” says Big Wes) at Tyranena Brewing. 7 to 10 pm

P.S. Big Wes Turner’s Newsletter has added an amazing new option: POSTCARDS! Whaaaaa? Yeah, you heard right. Most well-informed Turnerites receive their sporadic action updates via email, but now they can alternately (or additionally) get a scrap of cheap cardboard with information scribbled thereupon... FOR FREE!!! Just ask us.

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