Monday, August 27, 2018

Dateline, Madison

Yes. It’s wet here. Not more than a few weeks ago the Wisconsin State Journal published some professor’s hypothesis that a downpour in the Yahara watershed equivalent to the one that washed away Lake Delavan some years back would submerge much of Madison’s isthmus.

Lo and behold.

Mazomanie, Black Earth, and Madison’s west side got hit hardest with flash flooding, but one week later the waters are still rising in Lake Monona and whichever near eastside low spots that habitually back up with storm runoff. (Tennis at Tenney Park would damn near require SCUBA gear.) Shoreside residents of Monona have been steadily sandbagging. Sitting on the dock of this bay will give your butt a good soaking.

Luckily, last week’s downpour didn’t fall close enough to Lake Mendota to match the professor’s worst-case scenario, but it was cruel blow nonetheless.

Yup. “It’s a cruel, cruel summer,” as one pop culture earworm reminds us. Out of the mouths of babes. (And weren’t they? Bananarama? Babes? Nevermind.)

The important thing is to buck up, pitch in, and carry on! And even more importantly, to do all of the above in ways that lower our big fat consumerist footprints. Yes, fellow carbon-based life forms, use your brains and use your votes to turn this climate mess around. (So much for the soapbox portion of this message.)

Also, find and listen to LIVE music near you. Here are some dandy opportunities for just such.

McMusical Calendar

Saturday, September 1
The Birddog Blues Band (with Mel Ford on guitar, Derek Hendrickson on drums, Tom McCarty on bass, and Ken “Birddog” Olufs on harmonica) will entertain on the spacious patio at Tofflers Bar & Grill in New Glarus. Enjoy it now. ("Winter is coming.") 8 pm.

Friday, September 7
Barring news of irreversible flood damage or mold growth at the Mazomanie Music Conservancy concert hall, The Maintainers (mouth-harpist Frankie Lee, guitarist Mel Ford, bassist Tom McCarty, and drummer Rick Becker) will ramble through a round-robin of diverse blues styles. Not to be dissed or missed! Show opens at with a set from house band Staff Infection.

Friday, September 14
The Cashbox Kings bring their Chi-Town Blues sounds to the Knuckledown Saloon, and celebrate celebrated bluesman Oscar Wilson’s birthday. Y'all come on down and participate in the Partay!!! 9 pm ‘til late.

Friday, September 21
The Sparks Band, those masters of 60s hits, curiosities, and obscurities, get it all goin’ on at The Atwood (formerly Mr. Roberts) on Atwood Avenue.

Wednesday, October 3
Sometimes you just gotta stop and taste the Tequilas. And where and with whom better to do that than with 
Big Wes Turner’s Trio, the dinner hour version, at Me & Julio on Fish Hatchery Road. 6 to 9 pm.
Enjoy every imaginable variety of Rockin’ Rhythm & Swingin’ Blues with Tom, Rick, and Gary. 

Check back for future McMusical news.

NoteBig Wes Turner’s Newsletter has an amazing new option: POSTCARDS! Whaaaaa? Yeah, you heard right. Most well-informed Turnerites receive their sporadic action updates via email, but now they can alternately (or additionally) get a scrap of cheap cardboard with information scribbled thereupon... FOR FREE!!! Just ask.

'Nother Note
: BWTN postcards are redeemable for a drink wherever Big Wes Turner’s Trio is found.

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