Thursday, October 3, 2019

Who, What, Wherefore Art Thou, Wes?

People ask us all the time: Which one is Wes? 

To which we answer: None of us. We're Big Wes Turner's Trio

Yes, it can be confusing. And things don't clear up much after answers to questions about who and where Big Wes is.

It begs the question: how does someone become both renowned and unknown?

Back when ALL bands were bar bands, Big Wes Turner somehow became both legend and wraith. Despite the swath he cut from Midwest beer joints to all points of the compass, no head shots or 8 x 10 glossies appear to have survived and, though some claim to have a candid, none that we have seen are clear enough to verify.

Even we, (his Trio), find that memories of our encounters with him conflict, as if he were the original six-string mesmerist who takes his bows, waves once, and somehow wipes clean all traces of himself.

Almost all traces. He IS out there. We'll get a call from halfway around the world, and it might break up or break off, but not before that unmistakable rumble of laughter comes over the line. I got a postcard last year, but, wouldn't you know, I can't find it now.

No matter. We remember the songs, a lot of them anyway, and do our best to keep the Big Wes legacy rolling (and rocking).

Check out Tom, Rick, and Gary (BigWesTurnersTrio) (the "biggest little band in Madland").

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