Thursday, June 4, 2020

Play as Weather Permits

In a previous post we sadly announced that the BIG WES Turner’s Trio performance scheduled for May 15 at Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills was cancelled (due to COVID-19). We were disappointed because we love to make music, especially at Tyranena where the folks are fine and the brews are robust.

Well, now we can happily announce that Tyranena is (conditionally) reopened for beer consumption and music appreciation, and that BIG WES Turner’s Trio will be there from 6 to 9 pm on Saturday, June 20 (weather permitting).

Tasty Tyranena beers are sold and served out of the patio-side service window. CDC-approved recommendations for face-covering, hand hygiene, and physical distancing are strongly encouraged.

Lucky for all, Tyranena’s patio and grassy knoll area is expansive, and the staff is working hard to make it all work. And, food will be provided by the Cafe Costa Rica food cart. (Yummm!) So grab a table or bring a blanket for your quar-pod.

AND, while we’re at it, let’s mark calendars for the next big event at TyranenaFriday, July 17, with none other than The Birddog Blues Band (featuring Mel Ford on guitar) playing the patio. Same hours: 6 to 9 pm. Same great beers. Different food cart: Doyle’s Dogs (authentic Chicago-style hot dogs and sandwiches).

In other news, have you looked lately and failed to find BIG WES Turner’s Trio on Facebook? You can stop trying. Truth is, Big Wes and Mark Zuckerberg had a falling out. Let’s just say, "words were exchanged." Let’s just say, "it don’t matter how big a billionaire you are, you don’t mess with WES." Keep track of Turner tales here, or sign up for the newsletter, or scan the events listings in your local sources for entertainment news. They need your patronage and deserve your attention much moreso than the Zuckface.

Stay safe. Keep it hygienic. Check back.

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