Sunday, September 27, 2020

Using Our Outside Voices

As of right now, Wisconsin has NOT solved its COVID problem.

For real. Until Wisconsin gets its infection rate down, down, down, hanging out at our favorite night spots is a bad idea.

That’s bad news for those of us who love the vibe and camaraderie of our local watering holes. It’s bad news for us musicians who were playing there until about seven months ago. Those places and spaces where we sharpened our chops and earned a few bucks are irreplaceable. Online just ain’t the same.

Most bars and restaurants are hurting. A few have been better positioned than others to adjust to outdoor service. Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills, with a huge patio area facing a grassy natural amphitheater, is one of the few venues around that can accommodate a big crowd and still keep everyone safely distanced. (And the beers are superb.) Since restarting in late May, all performances have been outside and therefore subject to the whims of the weather, but most have managed to dodge the raindrops.

Because of the extreme circumstances, Tyranena has extended their season for outdoor music into October. Which leads us to the McMusical calendar.

The McMusical Calendar

Saturday, October 17, 4 to 7 pm
The expansive patio at Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills, Wisconsin is partially covered, enough so that a light autumnal drizzle is unlikely to deter BIG WES Turner’s Trio from capping off Tyranena’s outdoor music season with their signature Rockin’ RHYTHM & Swingin’ BLUES. Check the weather, then dress appropriately and come on down.

Tuesday, October 20, early voting starts
Things can change. They will change. But it’s up to us to make sure they change for the better. Let’s do that. Start by VOTING.
If you feel you can do it safely, Vote at your polling place on November 3, Election Day.
If you’re concerned about safety, Vote early (in-person absentee). Many polling places will open from Oct. 20 to Nov. 1 and are less likely to be crowded. Check with your local Clerk of Courts.
Vote by mail only if you're sure you can get your absentee ballot filled out, witnessed, and mailed in As Soon As Possible. Find answers to questions about registration, polling place hours and locations, etc. at

And, as long as the weather allows, consider hosting a driveway concert or exclusive patio party featuring BIG WES Turner’s Trio. Leave a message.

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