Friday, February 25, 2022

Wake Up!

Hey you! Wake up!

Yes, it’s still winter, but the days are getting longer, so let it snow, let it snow. The fields and forests know what to do with it, and the aquifers will gladly take whatever seeps down.

Time to shake off the dullness and doldrums of an exceptional hibernation season, induced by frigid weather but also by the risks of the virus and its variants sloshing back and forth through our communities.

We mourn those we have lost. We applaud the healthcare workers and caregivers who have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to save lives and fight against the COVID pandemic. We appreciate family and friends more than ever.

Have you heard talk about how great it will be to “get back to normal”? Have you thought it yourself? I have. But now I am hoping that instead of going back to whatever “normal” was, we can move ahead to something better. I am hoping that we can all agree to work together to make a world that is safer, healthier, and fairer for everyone. If we want it, we can make THAT the new normal.

I am also looking forward to hearing some live music. And making some.  Things are looking up in that department, as the calendar below will show. Come on out!

McMusical Calendar

Friday, April 1
The Sparkz play hits (and misses) from the 60s at Chief’s Tavern, 300 Cottage Grove Road in Madison (right across from Buck’s Pizza, and, yes, they deliver!) Will the band be joined by a special guest? Quite possibly. 7 to 10 pm

Saturday, April 30
The Gentlemen Reunion at Chief’s Tavern (see address above). Back in the day, the 60s, that is, The Gentlemen were Wisconsin’s premiere purveyors of British Invasion rock and roll. Nobody played the Beatles repertoire better. They have long since scattered to the corners of the globe (and beyond, ask Mr. Shaw) but original band members Bob Kenison, Bruce Shaw, and Chuck Scalia are back in Madison for an evening of (mostly) Beatles music, joined by Mark Loder and Tom McCarty from The Sparkz band. 7 to 10 pm

Saturday, May 21
Birddog Blues Band 
plays from approximately 3 to 4:30 at the Timber Lake Playhouse outside of Mount Carroll, IL. Details on other artists before and after the BBB set is coming soon. Check back.

Friday, May 27
BIG WES Turner’s Trio rides again, thanks to Grammy-winning guitarist and Chicago Blues Hall-of-Famer Billy Flynn. He single-handedly dragged drummer Rick Becker and bassist Tom McCarty out of their respective caves. Hear them hop between musical genres (Blues, Country, R&B, Rock, etc.) at Tyranena Brewing, 1025 Owen St. in Lake Mills, WI. Enjoy the spacious, welcoming patio and backyard, not to mention the best and boldest of Wisconsin brews. (A light drizzle won’t stop this semi-protected outdoor show, but weather most foul will. Check the forecast.) 6 to 9 pm.

Further into the future. Check back for more detailed info.

Saturday, June 4
Birddog Blues Band at Full Mile Beer Co. & Kitchen at 132 Market St. in Sun Prairie, WI.

Sunday, June 5
Mel Ford & the Fairlane at Tofflers Pub & Grill, 200 5th Ave. in New Glarus, WI. Afternoon on the deck. 2:30 to 5 pm.

Friday, June 24
Birddog Blues Band at Tofflers Pub & Grill New Glarus, WI. Evening in the backyard (weather permitting). 7 to 10?

Friday, July 1
Birddog Blues Band at Wisconsin Brewing, Verona WI.

Saturday, July 2
Birddog Blues Band at Club LaMark, Madison, WI.

Thursday, July 7
Birddog Blues Band at Lone Girl Brewery, Waunakee, WI.

Friday, July 29
Birddog Blues Band at Tyranena Brewing, Lake Mills, WI. 6 to 9 pm.

Thursday, August 25
Birddog Blues Band at Lone Girl Brewery, Waunakee, WI. 6 to 9 pm.

Friday, September 2
Birddog Blues Band at Wisconsin Brewing, Verona, WI.

Saturday, September 17
Mel Ford & the Fairlane, PRIVATE PARTY, Madison, WI.
(WAIT! Why are we telling you about a party if you’re not invited? Just to remind you that Mr. McMusic and associates are happy to bring live music to your neighborhood hall or your very own home, at surprisingly reasonable rates)

Saturday, October 8
Birddog Blues Band at Full Mile Brewing in Sun Prairie, WI.

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