Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Shhh! It Happens

Thanks to Forrest Gump for that enduring meme and its persistent evocation of the tension between the seemingly random activity of all the bits in our universe and the persistent insistence on the part of some semi-sentient fellow creatures that everything happens for a reason (talkin’ predestination).

For instance, just when we were expecting the post-summer slowdown in musical activities, whadaya know? Not only did The Birddog Blues Band luck into a fun car show/fundraiser for UW Children’s Hospital event in picturesque Argyle last week, Mel and Tom got a late call to sit in with the acclaimed Cashbox Kings this weekend, not to mention a last-minute Labor Day afternoon booking for the above-mentioned Birddog Blues Band. See below, then pack up and go.

The McMusical Calendar

Friday, September 2
Birddog Blues Band boogies at Wisconsin Brewing, 1079 American Parkway, Verona WI. Spacious indoor and outdoor spaces for roaming around or imbibing brews. 6 to 9 pm

Sunday September 4
The Cashbox Kings plays a special Sunday afternoon (4 to 7 pm) gig at Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills, WI. Chicago-style Blues and Wisconsin-style beer.

Monday, September 5
The Birddog Blues Band plays Labor Day afternoon (2 to 5 pm at Club LaMark (on Hwy 51 just half a block north of E. Washington Ave. in Madison.

Saturday, September 17
Mel Ford & the Fairlane, PRIVATE PARTY*, Madison, WI.
*(WAIT! Why are we telling you about a party if you’re not invited? Just to remind you that Mr. McMusic and associates are happy to bring live music to your neighborhood hall or your very own home, at surprisingly reasonable rates.)

Saturday, October 8
Birddog Blues Band at Full Mile Brewing in Sun Prairie, WI.

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