Thursday, February 2, 2023

Spirit of the Season

In our neck of the woods, snow is a good thing. We like snow. We need snow. It keeps us alive. It sustains our existential balance. And the same is true of the truly cold winter days and nights. A deep and thorough freeze is what keeps pestilence and disease from running rampant through our beautiful world. So quit yer bitchin'! Take advantage and catch up on all those "indoor" tasks you've let slide.

To help you join in the spirit of things, here's a little ditty along with appropriate pix, from my good buddy Richard Wiegel. Enjoy.

Let It Snow

The McMusical Calendar

Thursday, February 17
Faux Fawn (the band behind singer-songwriter Paul Otteson) opens up for Disaster Passport (the band that replaces the original Philip Glass soundtrack to the groundbreaking 1982 film Koyaanisqatsi with their own) at The Bur Oak, 2262 Winnebago St. Come for the Fawn, stay for the film.

Saturday, April 1
No foolin'! The Birddog Blues Band plays at Main Street Music in Brooklyn (Wisconsin).

Saturday, April 22
They're back! The Gentlemen, Wisconsin's premiere Brit Invasion band way back in the 60s, reunites in Madison to revisit the Beatles catalog and other chart toppers of yore. At Chief's Tavern on Cottage Grove Rd. (right across from Buck's Pizza, and they deliver!)

More musical events coming. Check back.

Friday, May 5
The Birddog Blues Band host an evening of bluesy grooves and moves at The Bur Oak, 2262 Winnebago St.

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