Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Anti-Social Networking

Welcome! To this highly exclusive online backwater.

Some may have wondered whether we're still breathing over here. Well, as of this post, you can set that minor concern to one side.

Yes. Life does go on! (Despite the efforts of Exxon and all the other like-mindless, greed-driven, world-killing corporate demons.) But the consensus trajectory says that could change, given the amount of shit currently passing through the proverbial fan, and how much more is certain to hit it in the uncomfortably near future.

Social Media tycoons are right up there with the worst of the worst offenders in the but-what-about-my-bottom-line department, and yes, they deserve the business ends of whatever pitchforks and torches we can muster, but even the most mindful of us users and consumers are complicit to some degree. Talkin' 'bout you. Talkin' 'bout me.

Is it possible to live without social media? Of course it is, Silly. We've managed since we were monkeys.

Is it possible to make music and still save the future for our children? Taylor?

Whether or no, Mr. McMusic is going to take a few more shots at it this summer.

The McMusical Calendar

Saturday, May 11
The Gentlemen reunite for an evening of Beatles songs plus a smattering of other hits from the era. The ensemble is anchored by three original members of the band that reigned as Wisconsin's preeminent purveyor of Brit-invasion hits circa '66 to '70. Get your kicks on route Cottage Grove Road at Chief's Bar & Grill (right across from Buck's Pizza). 7 to 10


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