Sunday, January 8, 2017

Holy New Year, Mister McMusic!

Okay, besides another calendar year, What’s new?

Just this!

Tom McCarty, big bass escort and blues hollerer, holder of a de facto endorsement from legendary purveyor of mid-Twentieth Century American popular music “Big Wes Turner,” will be part of a Birddog Blues Band incarnation to include Ken “Birddog” Olufs (on harmonica), Warren Beck (on piano), Mel Ford (on guitar!), and Derek Hendrickson (on drums). It happens at Tofflers in nearby New Glarus on Thursday, Jan 12. Downbeat at 7pm!

As previously propounded in these pages, Big Wes Turner’s Trio will, or will not, return to their regular residency of odd Essen Haus Thursdays at some time in the future. Meanwhile, between hunkering down under the artic blasts of January in Wisconsin, and scrounging around for those elusive sweet gigs, the terrible threesome sends warm wishes to all who attended the EH finale show on December 29, 2016. Fun was had. Check the above linked FB page to stay informed.

Looking ahead to February (Wednesday, first be precise), Tom joins Jimmy Voegeli and Perry Weber (of The Jimmys) for Wednesdays with Wags (that’s drummer Tony Wagner) at TheWheelhouse in Waupaca. Hell, we’ll be halfway through winter by then.

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