Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rain on the Plain in Ukraine?

Every now and then, just to satisfy idle curiosity, we check our “Stats,” a feature of the service that enables this l’il ole online journal, which show how many visits we’ve had and from whence those visits originate.

Whadaya know! Upon our most recent checking thereof, it turns out that ™m©music has become extremely popular, of late, in... Ukraine!

Far be it from us to discourage interest in Big Wes Turner's legacy from any quarter, near or far, nor begrudge curiosity regarding the other patches of musical horticulture upon which we here heap fertilizer. Still, one can’t help but wonder.

We confess our woeful ignorance when it comes to the ways of netbots and data mining and hackers and cyber attackers. We’re not running for public office, nor selling any merchandise, no Tee-shirts or baseball caps (though there was talk of such, a red head covering with the words “Make Big Wes BIG Again”). And Big Wes recordings are rarer than hen’s teeth (if you find one, PLEASE, let us know). Paul Otteson’s FauxFawn has several wonderful CDs available, but McMusic is (almost) exclusively in the business of promoting LIVE music events. So what’s to crawl, mine, or hack?

Maybe there’s a burgeoning fan base for Big Wes in Ukraine. However that may have come about, let me say that BWT's Trio would love to play for a Ukrainian audience. We worry that travel expenses might be prohibitive, but, by all means, let’s explore the possibilities. If you are one of our Ukrainian fans, give us a shout out! (We hear the Crimean peninsula is lovely this time of year. Oh. Wait. Never mind.)

Don't Forget! 
Tuesday, February 28
It’s Mardis Gras and Tom joins TheCashbox Kings to raise funds for Porchlight. The Kings will lay down authentic Chicago-style Blues while Madison chefs concoct culinary delights featuring foodstuffs from the Porchlight Products pantry. Tantalizing tastes and satisfying sounds, all for a great cause.

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