Friday, December 16, 2016

Big Wes T’s Three Takes Das Break

Big Wes Turner’s Trio has been a fixture at The Essen Haus for the past two years (or so), ever since that fateful night when (Big) Richard Wiegel, leader of the Midwesterners Trio, announced his bowing out to take a tinnitus hiatus.

The core of the Trio’s rhythm section, drummer Rick Becker and bassist Tom McCarty, with the blessing and sanction of elusive roots music mystic Big Wes Turner, "rebranded" and enlisted the estimable guitar talents of Gary Hendrickson. Thanks to Gary and some timely filling-in from Billy Flynn (internationally acclaimed guitar hero), the legacy of Big Wes has lived on.

And so it will continue. But not at The Essen Haus. At least not for now.
Beginning in January of 2017, The Essen Haus will cut back its live music schedule. The venerable Madison hub of live performance is sending its parade of players into hibernation. As antithetical as quaffing a Spaten Lager without an accordian pumping away in the background seems, so it must be.

Dedicated imbibers of beer boots will miss out not only on the polkas, but also the genre-bending grab-bag repertoire of Big Wes Turner’s Trio. In the words of Chuck Berry, “C’est La Vie.”

Warmer weather will likely bring renewal, but until that happens, your last chance to hear Rick, Tom, and Billy Flynn lay down some sounds will be Thursday, December 29. Come on down for a fond Auf Wiedersehen.

P.S. BWT3 remains available for your entertainment and edification at private events. You know our name; look up the number.

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