Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tidings of Comfort and Joy, Y’All: Earth Still Rotating on Its Axis!

Long before baby Jesus was nothing more than an immaculate gleam in the eye of The Almighty, the Big Guy created the firmament and charted its dizzying course around our humble but beloved Sun and set our cozy fixer-upper of a home planet at such an angle that we might enjoy the extremities of the seasons, each hemisphere in its turn. For this we give thanks! 

And/or bitch about it. Either way, it’s not going to change. Right?

Oh. Wait. It IS changing. It’s getting warmer. The seas are rising and the mountains are crumbling into them. Seven billion of us are drowning in our own shit while we race to hit eight billion and a big orange tweeting twit is poised to speed up the process. Sad.

When things are teetering on the brink of calamity, who ya gonna call? No, not your favorite superhero; they're fictional. You call your friends and neighbors and you organize and you out the idiots and assholes for what they are. It's what Jesus would do. Merry Christmas!

Connect with like-minded celebrants of the season by getting off your ass and down to the High Noon Saloon. Indulge in ritual attention given to the lengthening of days and enjoy an EARLY (6 to 9pm) show at the High Noon Saloon (Wednesday, Dec 21).
THREE acts:
CanyonSpells at 6,
FauxFawn 6:45, and
TheBlueheels at 7:45 (to 9-ish)

And don't miss the FINAL Essen Haus performance Big Wes Turner's Trio (with special guest Billy Flynn) on Thursday, Dec 29. (See previous post for details.)

And help The Cash Box Kings kill 2016 and ring in a new and improved year at The Knuckledown Saloon on Saturday, Dec 31.

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